The Largest Number Of Texas Newcomers Are Coming From California

Dated: 01/11/2017

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Maybe it’s the sweeping landscapes covered in bluebonnets, maybe it’s the food and the accepted use of the word “y’all” or maybe it’s the economy, whatever the reason may be, Texas’s population is booming with newcomers. Who’s making the move to our beautiful state?

KHOU recently brought to light a report made by the Texas Association of Realtors in 2015 using information from the U.S. Census Bureau. The statistics reveal that the largest number of people moving to Texas from another state are from California. Additionally, 107,689 more people made the move to the Lone Star State instead of away from it.

Even though Texas is attracting more people than losing residents, the majority of people who move out of Texas set down roots in California. The report says that 41,713 Texans moved to California while 65,546 people Californians transplanted to Texas.

The Texas Tribune wrote in April 2016 that a 2013 report also claimed that Californians made up the biggest group of Texas newcomers. “In 2013, more foreign-born people came to the state after having first lived in California than any other state. That said, more than 80 percent of those moving here from other states were born in the United States,” they stated.

Tony Landaverde, Realtor with eXp Realty in San Antonio, Texas says "I moved here from the Los Angeles are where I grew up.  The biggest reason I moved here was because of home prices.  I was able to build my dream home here in San Antonio.  That would have been an impossible dream with home prices in Los Angeles."

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