8 Elegant Insights And Inspirations From The EXP Shareholders Meeting

Dated: 04/16/2016

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Wow - what a wild week for eXp nation! Our annual Shareholders meeting was in Bellingham Washington last week and my brain feels like it did after finals at Baylor - but this was way more fun than I ever had in Waco!! My new friend and master blogger and Real Estate Marketing Guru Rob LeRoy,  www.therealestatevideoguys.com  encouraged me to write a blog about my take aways - so Rob, and the rest of the world, here it is! 

Insights and Inspirations #1 

Brad Andersohn is new Ambassador of Quan. I kinda had an inkling when I was doing a demo to a prospective agent in the cloud and ran into Brad. He did a little ‘costume change’.  Brad is not only a techno-genius he’s also a musician and cofounder of Armored Flight, America’s only Family Rock Band. Here is the America’s Got Talent audition. His technology expertise is overshadowed by this human connection expertise. He shared this story about the power of Facebook:  Brad suggests when you go on Facebook and spend 5 minutes looking at your clint’s profile. You’ll know what topics to avoid and which to casually mention. And you’ll know the perfect closing gift, too. Brad told us a the story about this broker he was coaching who felt Facebook was a waste of time. Brad asked him what he did for closing gifts an the broker talked about the fancy bottle of Dom Perignon - and then Brad did a Facebook search. Come to find out the client is in AA. Oh, and the client loves owl figurines ….. 

Insights and Inspirations #2

Debbie Biery & Erinn Nobel really know how to throw a party! You two made us feel so at home. Bellingham is such a beautiful city and the people are warm and kind! The venue was fabulous, the food was amazing, and the two of you created events that brought us all together in a spirt of love and friendship! Thank you both! 

Insights and Inspirations #3

Glenn Sanford - you are the smartest man on earth. When Scott and I reflect on where you are taking this great company we are humbled and honored to be a small part of it all.  You inspire us all. And the love and support you show for us agents epitomizes Leadership. Best of all, thanks to our all star new leaders Dr. Peter Noble and Alan Goldman,  Glenn so he can focus on eXploding eXp. He’s the creative geniuses. Now he can go back to being the Wizard of eXp.  Want to learn why eXp is exploding? Check out this site: Exp Careers.

Insights and Inspirations #4

Dr. Peter Nobel, our new COO is intuitive beyond words and truly brilliant. After almost 2 decades with Microsoft this guy understands where technology is headed. We are hiring people congruent with the technological focus of our founder. That positions us in a strategic way to leverage the shifting real estate market and focus on profitability. Wow - the level of talent that is attracted to our awesome company is thrilling and exciting!!

Insights and Inspirations #5

Blogging may be the best way to change my financial future. Ok, I finally get it. It’s taken 6 months, but I finally get it. Blogging somehow seems so natural, just an opportunity to type about what we all know and love, Real Estate and helping agents win. It’s exciting to be among agents that are going ’the water way’ instead of just learning another script for cold calls. It’s an amazing new world…..

Insights and Inspirations #6

eXp is working with VirBELA, LLC to build a 3-D, avatar-based, immersive online world, creating a proprietary platform for our awesome cloud campus. We are working with a leading pHd out of UCSD. Now our leadership will have a the ability to truly create the eXp vision because it is all ours.  And the new avatars wear spanks! Here’s the details: http://investors.exprealty.com/2016/exp-realty-international-corporation-enters-agreement-virbela-llc/ 

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Insights and Inspirations #7

An independent evaluation of our stock values us at $3.35 a share and we are trading at about half that. That means if you’re looking for a smokin’ deal perhaps you should do you due diligence on eXp! Here’s where to start: #expi

Insights and Inspirations #8

The most amazing takeaway from our time with our eXp family is our new mission statement: We want the value proposition of eXp Realty to be so good that it would be financially irresponsible  for agents & brokers to hang their license anywhere else. That is certainly true for Scott and me! The peripheral business that eXp could add may throw off dividends to the stock holders is mind blowing. 

What a blessing to be part of such an amazing team! Thank you to my eXp family! And as I always say - It’s Good to Make Friends. It’s Better to Make Friends Wealthy! 

Traci and Scott Lewis

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